An evergreen one year

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Friends

We see many people coming and going in our day to day life.But some people make an impression on you so you will never ever forget them in your life time.In the last one year,I have met so many people and made friends But there is one friend whom i felt is very close to me and i feel very lucky to be friends with her.

Why am i writing a blog about a friend?? I think jus to express how special she is to me as she is preparing to leave to UK for her higher studies in a month.She might not be back to India in not less than 4 years and 4 years of time..Its very long according to me..
I remember when she joined the team which also is placed in same workspace where i was.I first thought her to be a very Hi-Fi sorta girl with whom i could not find anything in common between us.But I was proved wrong..We just said a Hi and bye for a first few months..It was Ruby on Rails that made us talk to each other more.She had been to b’lore for some 2 months when she was asked to work in Rails.It happened so she pinged me with some doubts in Rails from there,our talking,chatting,calling over phone all started.Thanks To RAILS…

Then I was surprised to find that she is such a sweet girl and most importantly we both had the same wavelength…Actually almost everytime we both thought alike in every context…She is so much pretty and i admire her smile and her dressing skills…I dont think if there would be anybody else who would have such matching accessories for every dress she wore… And she has got a Lot Lot friends..In fact who would hesitate to be friends with such a beautiful,intelligent and caring gal..We started sharing everything that happens at home,office with each other..Now that she is gonna leave the country,I am very much happy for her But at the same time,I am sure its gonna be tough time for me to miss such a good friend.I never used to be in office after 6 in the evening..But i loved to spend time with her,that i now work till she leaves..Good for the Company as well 😛

She taught me many things.I was ignorant on many things and i am sure ppl will tease like ‘you don know even this aah’ if they find ppl don know a thing which they know..But She was so very friendly that she explains me what it is..Although i help her in the programming part,i don see any responsibility for her to share all her thoughts with me…

Both are alike in many things..Both look very bold in the outside but actually we are scared of many things(almost everything)…She had one great desire at the work place..Though she is trying hard,she is not able to make it work..I pray God that whatever she had wished and she wishes should come true..

Aahn i forgot one thing..She is gonna do her PHD in completely zero pounds and she is also getting a stipend from which she can even save some pounds…She had waited very very long and the wait had been so stressful and confusing to her whether like she was making a correct decision on her carreer…But everything has ended so well and now that she is gonna fly to London to return back as a Doctorate..

I turn so emotional to think about the day she quits from the office.I am not sure what sort of feelings i would have…But from the bottom of my heart i am saying..KAVIN,You are one of the best friends I have got..I always treasure you as one of the most important persons in my life..I will Miss U…

All the Best Kavin..All you distant dreams will become true one day and you will shine like a star…

This is your friend Charanya signing off now with a heavy heart


Old is Gold–A True Saying

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Movies

I just wanted to relax myself desperately.The setop Box as usual didnot work when I needed to watch TV.So I went to the DVD shop to find if I can get any good movie to watch.
When i was jus browsing through the DVDs i came across MayaBazaar Movie.The cost was jus 20 Bucks.Okay let me give this a try my mind said and got it.

The DVD print was quite good.And the DVD cover had about 14-15 songs listed.

The story line in short is the marriage of Abhimanyu,Son of Arjun with Vatsala,Daughter of Balaraman,Lord Krishna’s Brother.
Their Marriage happens with the help of Kadodhgajan,Son of Bheema,who is well versed in all magic arts, as per the plan of Lord Krishna.

The Dialogues the film has really really is too Good..There is no doubt one cannot stop laughing at many points in the film.

Savithri’s act as Vatsala is very commendable ..When Kadodhgajan takes the form of Vatsala,Savithri has naturally portaryed Kadodhgajan’s Body language in her.

Some dialogues were really impressive and very pleasing like how every expression when expressed in Tamil Soundsss pleasing.
Saguni’s dialogue like (played by Nambiyar) Amangalam Azhiyattum abasagunam ozhiyattum when Karna says what if they are not able to win Pandavas in Dice game were really interesting.

Some of the dialogues that I really admired were:
Lord Krishna Saying : Saguni maama ingirukkumbothu Veru sanigal varumaa??
Duruyodhanan’ son(played by Thangavelu) saying : Asamabaavitham when one of the priests saying you will have to marry the Yadhava kula’s (which was not considered in high regard) Princess Vatsala.

The screenplay was so perfect that Many places showed Women were equally intelligent.
The one aspect of most Tamil films I really make fun of is
The heroines going directly to the Villian and saying,I am going now to the police and giving evidences now.
And the other one is
Seeing a villain murdering somebody and immediately the heroine Screeming ..Showing themselves to the villain.

But in this film,I found it soo different.
When Vatsala’s mother didnot like her daughter going out with Abhimanyu,She locks her in her room.
Abhimanyu comes to the window side and says ,Vatsala You jump I will Hold you.
She waits for a minute and asks,I can Jump Now But how to come back again??
May be this may not be of big deal for most,But I felt that the movie had some good screenplay.

Also when Krishna finda that when Abhimanyu and Vatsala are having a “Inbavula” in the Lake And Balram and His wife are coming in Search of them,He and his wife ask Abhi and Vats to leave and instead take their place in the boat.
Seeing them,Balram’s wife says,See at this age How Krishna and his wife are needing an “Inbavula” like this.And then the next second,When Balram says ,naamum sirithu ullasamaga sendru varalaam, it becomes a real treat…

Though there were a lot of songs,All songs were apt to the situation and had good lyrics with meaning and which everybody could Understand.

On the Whole My mind was so relaxed and Really got rejuvenated
OLD IS GOLD –Seriously…

Small Interesting Story I heard….

Posted: November 10, 2009 in General stuff

I read a Story from one of Sukhi Sivam’s book..Very short story but with lots of Moral

There was a contest for sculptures in a city.Many talented sculptures participated in the contest.At last there was a tie between two sculptures for the Prize.The Judges were not able to decide to whom the Prize has to be given.
So the judges decided to conduct a Tie-Breaker wherein both the sculptures were asked to make a statue of a Fruit-Seller with a basket of fruits on his head and a stick on his hand.

Both the Sculptures were given a day’s time.The next day,the judges came and saw both the statues and found both of them Equally Good. They were confused now too.At this time,a bird flew and came and sat on the second sculpture’s statue’s fruit basket.

Seeing this,the judges decided that even the bird thought the fruit was real and thats why it sat on the statue’s fruit basket.So they announced that the Prize goes to Sculpture No 2.

But On the contrary the bird which sat on the statue’s fruit bag,was telling to its friend bird,that “See how stupid these people are.Actually,the first persons statue looked so real,that I felt that the fruit seller was ready to drive me with his stick if I touched his fruit Bag.I got frightened and thats why i went and sat on the Second person’s Statue.It was the first person’s statue that looked Real”

The Moral that I learnt from this is “We should not under estimate ourself with the other person’s judgement on us”.

Atlast got tamil fonts in iceweasel

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Techstuff

In our hostel ,we have got wireless LAN facility…In my laptop i got Windows Vista preloaded…But as there were some problems in connecting to wireless,I installed Debian Etch in my laptop and successfully connected to the wireless after installing the drivers required…As i was in the process of browsing, i found that the iceweasel browser displays hindi and marati fonts but tamil fonts were not displayed…So I googled for what could be the error…I installed firefox addons for tamil fonts ,tried a variety of them but none were successful.Then Ifound out that there is a package called ttf-tamil-fonts which has to be installed for viewing tamil fonts…So i searched for the download of this package which i found in the site

I downloaded the ttf-tamil-fonts_0.4.7.4_all.deb …Then i tried to install the debian package using apt-get install ttf-tamil-fonts_0.4.7.4_all.deb but it showed some error like

# apt-get install ttf-tamil-fonts_0.4.7.4_all.deb
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree… Done
E: Couldn’t find package ttf-tamil-fonts_0.4.7.4_all.deb

So now i tried to use the command

aptitude install ttf-tamil-fonts_0.4.7.4_all.deb

but this time too i got a very big error message

# aptitude install b
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree… Done
Reading extended state information
Initializing package states… Done
Writing extended state information… Done
Reading task descriptions… Done
Building tag database… Done
Couldn’t find any package whose name or description matched “ttf-tamil-fonts_0.4 .7.4_all.deb”
No packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.
0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.
Writing extended state information… Done
Setting up msttcorefonts (1.8) …
warning: /usr/share/fonts/X11/truetype does not exist or is not a directory
warning: /usr/lib/X11/fonts/truetype does not exist or is not a directory

These fonts were provided by Microsoft “in the interest of cross-
platform compatibility”. This is no longer the case, but they are
still available from third parties.

You are free to download these fonts and use them for your own use,
but you may not redistribute them in modified form, including changes
to the file name or packaging format.

–22:15:27– xe
=> `./andale32.exe’
Resolving… failed: Name or service not known.
–22:15:27– exe
=> `./andale32.exe’

All done, errors in processing 1 file(s)
dpkg: error processing msttcorefonts (–configure):
subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Now i browsed for this msttcorefonts and tried to find out wat it was…And i tried to get this package and install it but in vain….Atlast i was tired and frustrated and this time i decided to move this ttf-tamil-fonts_0.4 .7.4_all.deb to trash…So i right clicked the icon….Now my eyes found out something in the pop up menu….one of the options were

open with “GDebi Package Installer”…I clicked on to it and it prompted for my root password….I entered it and i clicked on install button…Everything went perfect and the tamil fonts got installed in my system….Atlast I got everything right and now am able to view tamil fonts in iceweasel..

A Small Trial

Posted: February 18, 2008 in General stuff

As I was sitting in the Operating System design hour,Something in me made me jump into a new venture…Ya let me try writing a small கவிதை in that hour….And at that instant the teacher was asking some basic questions but none(including me) in the class were ready to answer those(many of them are really experts in that subject but)…So why not write a கவிதை regarding this situation….Ya here it comes….As i am jus a beginner pls discard my error and give suggestions so tat i can improve….

ஏன் இந்த மாற்றம்???

கேள்விக்கு முன்பே விடை கொடுக்க கைகள் பல உயர்ந்தன

ஒரு மதிப்பெண் குறைவானதற்கு இதயம் பல பதறின

ஒவ்வொரு அசைன்மென்டுக்கும் புத்தகம் பல புரட்டின

ஒவ்வொரு தேர்வுக்கும் மணிகள் பல படித்தன

இது முதலாண்டு!!!

ஒரே கேள்வி பலமுறை கேட்பினும் வந்த விடையோ மௌனம்

தேர்ச்சி மதிப்பெண் கூட பெறவில்லை என்பதே பெருமை

அசைன்மென்ட் தேதி தள்ளி போடுவதே தலைசிறந்த திறமை

தேர்வுக்குப் படிக்க புத்தகம் வைத்திருப்பதே மிகப்பெரிய வியமை

இது இறுதியாண்டு!!!

ஏன் இந்த மாற்றம்???


Posted: February 9, 2008 in General stuff

Last week ,i fear was full of uncertainities…..Regarding the compensation leave there was a hell lot of confusions…I had booked my ticket to go to my home for those holidays..But to my misfortune,those holidays were postponed..Previously there was supposed to be review for our project last week because of which i had postponed my trip to those compensation leave,But see review was also not conducted in that week…People say it would be on Monday or even be postponed…. Whatever may be the case,the only thing that got affected was me going to my home…Actually I wanted to meet my parents…I missed them a lot..As my small brother (my uncle’s son)who is just 1 1/2 months old has returned to my uncle’s house,I strongly desired to go there…But I feel i cant make a trip this whole month…My two cousins are enjoying out there with the cute little newcomer…Hope I will be there too at least in a months time…In the college ,I am one of the coordinators of Maze to be conducted for TECUTHSAV,the national level technical symposium of our college..This is the first ever time we do our symposium for 5 days with all departments participating…As there were more works to be completed ,we had(still have)the necessity to complete it…So spent the whole saturday in CCC collecting questions for the contest..Next week wednesday we got the inaugral and before that we have to be ready with the setup for this contest installed correctly ….and next saturday will be our day to conduct the contest…Hope we do it well….And did some part of coding in my final year project too..I am feeling tat we are terribly slow in the progress of our project ..We have to be bit fast and our project guide too strangling our throat to show the final demo of our project as early as possible ie before a month of the declared last date of finishing the project….See how a young girl can tackle this much problems coming altogether in a week…But with these too i really was happy to see the photos we had taken in Parapalar dam,in Ottanchathiram and Palani.Seven members from our group had been there to one of my friends house…It was really a great fun and enjoyment…My friends mother served us with varieties of food(chanceless being the taste)and lots of cute little ones in her house really made us enjoy a lot…I became close with all those chutties and everyone in my group started envying me…wat a lovely feel it is…We had no mind to leave all of them…But attendence criteria in our college forced us to be back….After coming back my friend said that she heard a chutti asking for me…All the photos turned out to be good…k….let me end this session with this happy note…bye…

Hi Everybody

Posted: February 6, 2008 in General stuff

282322951.jpgAm very happy to type in my first blog..I had never ever thought of writing a blog till the last minute..I actually donno what made me create a blog here..But I think I would get a great experience here.By nature I share all my thoughts and my ideas with everyone,be it my close friend or jus a known person..And i hope this blog will add value to my character..I don want my first post to be very lengthy one…will meet u soon..